The component list provided has been extracted from the ERIGrid RI database described in D-NA5.2 Partner profiles. The component list provided here is not exhaustive. It does not contain all component types described in the RI database but only the once considered most relevant to be published. Also, components considered to be confidential are, naturally, not included in the list.


Metering cubicles

component idcomponent namedescription
2133METERING_B2_CS02_V16V16,Metering Cubicle within CS02 substation.
2152METERING_10_CT01_M07M07,Metering Cubicle within CT01 substation.
2166METERING_20_CT02_M09M09,Metering Cubicle within CT02 substation.
2176METERING_30_CT03_M09M09,Metering Cubicle within CT03 substation.
2183METERING_40_CT04_M06M06,Metering Cubicle within CT04 substation.
2185METERING_40_CT04_M08M08,Metering Cubicle within CT04 substation.
2188METERING_50_CT05_M01M01,Metering Cubicle within CT05 substation.
2195METERING_50_CT05_M08M08,Metering Cubicle within CT05 substation.