The component list provided has been extracted from the ERIGrid RI database described in D-NA5.2 Partner profiles. The component list provided here is not exhaustive. It does not contain all component types described in the RI database but only the once considered most relevant to be published. Also, components considered to be confidential are, naturally, not included in the list.


Generating Units

TypeNameRated S [VA]Rated U [V]Description
windGenerator_225_WindTurbineEmulator74000400Induction motor-generator set, motor and motordrive inverter
otherGenerator_225_SmallHydroPowerplant18000400With generator control equipment as typically found in small hydropower generator plants



TypeNameRated P [W]Rated Q [Var]Rated S [VA]Rated U [V]Description
R loadLoad_225_ResistorBank127000027000400Water cooled resistor bank
C loadLoad_225_CapacitorBank15000050000400Capacitor bank



TypeNameRated S [VA]Rated U [V]Description
inverterInverter_225_BtoBinverter120000400Two inverters with LCL filters and switchgear
inverterInverter_225_INV160000400One of the four 60 kVA inverters



TypeNameRated P [W]Rated Q [Var]Rated S [VA]Rated U [V]AC/DCDescription
main gridSource_DQ150000150000150000400ACTN lab supply grid with short circuit capacity of 13 kVA
main gridSource_CQ100000150000150000230ACTN-S lab supply grid
nonlinearSource_EQ80000080000400DC230V IT lab supply grid


Real time simulators

NameMax node numberDescription
RTS_225_OPAL1100OP5600 Real-time simulator with OP4520 FPGA processor and I/O expansion unit



ModeNameRated P [W]Rated Q [Var]Rated S [VA]Rated U [V]Description
switched modeAmplifier_225_EgstonDQF150000200000200000350200 kVA 6 phase amplifies


Protection devices

Protection_225.SubModel_SIPROTEC2Siemens SIPROTEC 7SJ64
Protection_225.SubModel_SIPROTEC1Siemens SIPROTEC 7SJ64Siemens protection device
Protection_225.SubModel_SIPROTEC3Siemens SIPROTEC 7SA610


Measurement devices

Instrument_225.5_ELSPEC2ELSPEC G4430
Instrument_225.5_ELSPEC3ELSPEC G4430
Instrument_225.5_ELSPEC1ELSPEC G4430Fixed power quality analyzer