The component list provided has been extracted from the ERIGrid RI database described in D-NA5.2 Partner profiles. The component list provided here is not exhaustive. It does not contain all component types described in the RI database but only the once considered most relevant to be published. Also, components considered to be confidential are, naturally, not included in the list.

Generating units

TypeNameRated S [VA]Rated U [V]Description
PVGenerator_PVArrayPV array emulation



TypeNameRated P [W]Rated Q [Var]Rated S [VA]Rated U [V]Description
RLC loadLoad_RLCCircuitPhsA.Resistor1
RLC loadLoad_RLCCircuitPhsA.Inductor1
RLC loadLoad_RLCCircuitPhsA.Capacitor1
RLC loadLoad_RLCCircuitPhsB.Resistor2
RLC loadLoad_RLCCircuitPhsB.Inductor2
RLC loadLoad_RLCCircuitPhsB.Capacitor2
RLC loadLoad_RLCCircuitPhsC.Resistor3
RLC loadLoad_RLCCircuitPhsC.Inductor3
RLC loadLoad_RLCCircuitPhsC.Capacitor3
Load_SinglePhaseGridImpedanceSingle phase grid impedance
Load_ThreePhaseGridImpedance3 phase grid impedance



TypeNameRated P [W]Rated Q [Var]Rated S [VA]Rated U [V]AC/DCDescription
Source_DCSupplyForInverterDCDC source
Source_GridSimulatorACControllable AC source


Measurement devices


Instrument_PowerMeasurementInverterDCPower measurement - DC side of the EUT (Inverter)
Instrument_PowerMeasurementInverterACPower measurement - AC side of the EUT (Inverter)