The component list provided has been extracted from the ERIGrid RI database described in D-NA5.2 Partner profiles. The component list provided here is not exhaustive. It does not contain all component types described in the RI database but only the once considered most relevant to be published. Also, components considered to be confidential are, naturally, not included in the list.


Generating Units

TypeNameRated S [VA]Rated U [V]Description
PVGeneratingUnit_PV_01PV panel of 0.6kW (13 modules UF42) + 1 Sunnyboy 1100 inverter
windGeneratingUnit_WT400Wind turbine - Bornay INCLIN 6000
fuel cellGeneratingUnit_FC_01230Fuel Cell - NEXA - Ballard. Needs an inverter that is not assigned even some are available
internal combustion engineGeneratingUnit_DG_0166000230Synchronous diesel group
internal combustion engineGeneratingUnit_DG_0266000400Synchronous diesel group



TypeNameRated P [W]Rated Q [Var]Rated S [VA]Rated U [V]Description
R loadLoad_R_031240400
L loadLoad_L_04200000400
C loadLoad_C_01200000400
C loadLoad_C_03157500400
C loadLoad_C_02161550400
L loadLoad_L_03160050400
R loadLoad_R_01150000400Resistive load bank (Avtron Millenium)
R loadLoad_R_0255000400Resistive load bank (Avtron K595)
L loadLoad_L_0136000400Inductive load bank (Avtron K596)
L loadLoad_L_0236000400Inductive load bank (Avtron K596)



TypeNameRated P [W]Rated Q [Var]Rated S [VA]Rated U [V]Rated capacity [Wh]Description
StorageUnit_Flywheel200000250000400Flywheel/UPS 250 kVA
UltracapacitorsStorageUnit_UC5000400Ultracapacitors 5 kW


TypeNameRated S [VA]Rated U [V]Description
InverterInverter_01400Self-developed inverter based on SEMIKRON IGBTs
InverterInverter_02400Self-developed inverter based on SEMIKRON IGBTS
Inverter (cosphi variable between -1 and +1)Inverter_033300230Xantrex 3048
Inverter (cosphi variable between -1 and +1)Inverter_053300230Xantrex 3048
Inverter (cosphi variable between -1 and +1)Inverter_043300230Xantrex 3048
Voltage levels: 500VDC - 900 VDC, 400VAC
Converter400Converter PM-1000

EV charging stations

NameRated P [W]Rated U [V]Description



TypeNameRated P [W]Rated Q [Var]Rated S [VA]Rated U [V]AC/DCDescription
linearSource_DC_012800001000DCDC Source JEMA 280kW
linearSource_DC_02100000100000100DCDC Source AMREL - 100 kW - It can emulate the curve of a PV
linearSource_GridEmulator_0250000ACPacific programmable power source


Control devices

Controller_01Controller of Pacific Power Source (Grid Emulator_01)Controller of the Grid Emulator
Controller_02Controller of Pacific Power Source (GridEmulator_02)Controller of the Grid Emulator


Measurement devices

MeasurementDevice_C2_01Circuitor CVM-NRG96Power quality analyzer - CVM-NRG96
MeasurementDevice_C2_02Circuitor CVM-NRG96Power quality analyzer - CVM-NRG96
MeasurementDevice_C2_03Circuitor CVM-NRG96Power quality analyzer - CVM-NRG96
MeasurementDevice_C2_04Circuitor CVM-NRG96Power quality analyzer - CVM-NRG96
MeasurementDevice_C2_05Circuitor CVM-NRG96Power quality analyzer - CVM-NRG96
MeasurementDevice_C3_06Circuitor CVMK2Power quality analyzer - CVMK2
MeasurementDevice_C3_07Circuitor CVMK2Power quality analyzer - CVMK2
MeasurementDevice_C3_08Circuitor CVMK2Power quality analyzer - CVMK2
MeasurementDevice_C3_09Circuitor CVMK2Power quality analyzer - CVMK2
MeasurementDevice_C3_10Circuitor CVMK2Power quality analyzer - CVMK2
MeasurementDevice_C3_01Circuitor CVM-NRG96Power quality analyzer - CVM-NRG96
MeasurementDevice_C3_02Circuitor CVM-NRG96Power quality analyzer - CVM-NRG96
MeasurementDevice_C3_03Circuitor CVM-NRG96Power quality analyzer - CVM-NRG96
MeasurementDevice_C3_04Circuitor CVM-NRG96Power quality analyzer - CVM-NRG96
MeasurementDevice_C3_05Circuitor CVM-NRG96Power quality analyzer - CVM-NRG96
MeasurementDevice_C1_01Circuitor CVM-NRG96Power quality analyzer - CVM-NRG96


Server PCs

NameSize of RAM [Byte]Size of CPU [Hz]Size of HDD [Byte]Description
CTRL-AIndustrial-PC. Intel(R) Celeron(R) M 1.50 GHz
CTRL-BIndustrial-PC. Intel(R) Celeron(R) M 1.50 GHz
CTRL-CDesktop-PC. Intel(R) Pentium(R) 4 2.66 GHz