The component list provided has been extracted from the ERIGrid RI database described in D-NA5.2 Partner profiles. The component list provided here is not exhaustive. It does not contain all component types described in the RI database but only the once considered most relevant to be published. Also, components considered to be confidential are, naturally, not included in the list.



TypeNameRated P [W]Rated Q [Var]Rated S [VA]Rated U [V]Description
R loadLoad R600000400controllable R Load
C loadLoad C600000400controllable C Load
L loadLoad L600000400controllable L Load
R loadLoad R200000400Ruhstrat mobile ohmic load



TypeNameRated S [VA]Rated U [V]Description
inverterInverter_prog_190000230TriPhase programmable inverter DC/AC
invertInverter_prog_330000230TriPhase programmable inverter DC/AC
inverterInverter_prog_290000230TriPhase programmable inverter AC/AC


Electric Vehicles

full EVEV_1Stromos full EV
full EVEV_2Stromos full EV



TypeNameRated P [W]Rated Q [Var]Rated S [VA]Rated U [V]AC/DCDescription
linearVirt_battery600000600DCScienLab DC-Battery Emulator
linearSource_GridSimulator1000000400ACGustafKlein Controllable AC source
linearSource_PVSimulator20000001000DCMagna controllable DC source


Real time simulators

NameMax node numberDescription
RTS_lab30000OPAL-RT OP5600
RTS_mob80OPAL-RT OP5600 mobile



ModeNameRated P [W]Rated Q [Var]Rated S [VA]Rated U [V]Description
switched modeAmplifier_HIL270000270000270000Ametek Grid Simulator and HIL amplifier


Measurement devices

MeasurementDevice_1Dewetron - power quality analyzerPower quality analyzer - DEWE
MeasurementDevice_2Dewetron - power quality analyzerPower quality analyzer - DEWE
MeasurementDevice_3Dewetron - power quality analyzerPower quality analyzer - DEWE
MeasurementDevice_4Dewetron - power quality analyzerPower quality analyzer - DEWE



Service_EVAn EV can be connected to a virtural battery with several batterie models of different types and condition. An individual driving plan can be set up on a chassis dynamometerEV connected to virtual battery and dynamometer
Service_GridIntegrationTesting according to international guidelines and grid codesTesting according to international guidelines and grid codes
Service_PrototypeTesting and development according to innovative ideas and customer requirements. Several testing and deveolpment stages can be set up.
- Controller testing
- Hardware testing
- Hardware-in-the-loop
- MV/LV Test grid control on real field-test systems
Individual, customize testing