Transnational Access (TA) User Project: DiNODR
(User institutes: Mustafa Alparslan Zehir / ITU,  Vaia Zacharaki / TEIWM, Alp Batman / ITU, Dimitrios Tsiamitros / TEIWM,  Dimitrios Stimoniaris /TEIWM, Aydogan Ozdemir / ITU, Mustafa Bagriyanik / ITU)

Topic: Distribution-level demand response using domestic appliances

Hosting facility: SYSLAB of DTU

Duration: 3 weeks

Outcomes: factsheet, technical report, project homepage, publication

The DiNODR project focuses on the distribution network oriented application of demand response (DR). The project has three main objectives: namely, to develop distribution network centered DR approaches, to investigate distribution network threatening cases in wholesale market-driven DR applications and to design integrated programs comprising local level and utility level DR solutions. This project is one of the first efforts of field test distribution network centered DR applications.


Field-tests with internal control options of domestic appliances in two houses with real residents showed that 4 to 7 kW DR performance can be achieved per house, improving voltage profile by around 1.5%. Experiments started effectively on second day due to good preparation.

It was a very fruitful period of research for our user project team. Thanks to the support of the ERIGrid Transnational Access and DTU-SYSLAB infrastructure managers (Henrik Bindner, Kai Heussen, Daniel Esteban Morales Bondy, Anders Thavlov) and their team, we were able to organise and perform our research in a very fruitful and efficient manner. Based on the developments we achieved during our TA period, we are now working on a number of publications for release in the near future.
Alparslan Zehir
Member of the TA user project DiNODR
TA Success Story: DiNODR