Prior to ERIGrid, research had mainly focused on validating certain aspects of the smart grid. However, a holistic and integrated approach for analysing and evaluating such a complex system did not exist. Starting from 2015 and until 2020, the ERIGrid project pursued the goal to support the technology development and rollout of smart grid approaches, solutions and concepts in Europe by addressing system validation for smart grids. Having gathered eighteen European research centres with outstanding research infrastructures in the project consortium, ERIGrid developed common methods, concepts and procedures.

The Final Public Report of the project presents a summary of these developments and achieved results. In particular, reflected in the report are the activities ERIGrid performed to provide access to concentrated know-how and European research infrastructure to scientists and companies involved in the development of smart grid concepts and components.

The ERIGrid activities covered in the report include:

  • Supporting technology development, roll-out of smart grid approaches, solutions and concepts with a holistic, cyber-physical systems approach
  • Development of a holistic smart grid system validation approach
  • Enhancement of Hardware-in-the-Loop methodology and co-simulation tools
  • Fostering of multi-lab testing procedures
  • Provision of education and training material
  • Free access to first class European laboratories

Meanwhile the successor project ERIGrid 2.0 already started to build on these research outcomes, all power and energy systems professionals are encouraged to use, disseminate and replicate numerous open access results of ERIGrid.

Final Public Report Summarises ERIGrid Outcomes