Opening of the Smart Grid Laboratory. Photo: SINTEF


Jointly operated by SINTEF and the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU), the new Smart Grid Laboratory in Trondheim (NO) was opened in late 2016.

The laboratory is system-oriented and provides state-of-the-art infrastructure for R&D, demonstration, verification and testing over a wide range of smart grid use cases.



Photo: SINTEF/Gry Karin Stimo, from the Smart Grid Laboratory brochure



A specific feature of the laboratory is the opportunity to integrate real-time simulations and physical power system assets (hardware-in-the-loop) with ratings up to 200 kVA, 400 V AC or 700 V DC.




Concept of the Smart Grid Laboratory

Laboratory use comprises the following areas:

  • Smart home
  • Management system
  • Multi-terminal HVDC grid connecting offshore wind farms
  • Frequency support from wind turbines
  • Product testing and verification
  • Micro grid
  • 200 kVA Power Hardware in the Loop (PHIL)
  • Example of physical power system setup

You can find out more about the capabilities and domains supported at the Smart Grid Laboratory of SINTEF in the brochure.

Along with smart grid infrastructures of other ERIGrid partners, this facility of SINTEF is provided free of charge for experimental research of applicants from academia, research and industry within the ERIGrid Transnational Access.

Find out more about this exclusive opportunity and on how to apply here.


SINTEF infrastructure provided for the ERIGrid Transnational Access

Overview on the Transnational Access and the infrastructures of other ERIGrid partners


Smart Grid Laboratory of SINTEF. Photo: SINTEF
New Smart Grid Laboratory of SINTEF Available for Transnational Access