With its end date in April 2020, the ERIGrid project presented the performed work and achieved results in the Virtual Final Conference on 1 April 2020. Also the outcomes of the Transnational Access (TA) programme and the corresponding projects were presented by TA users in the session “Facilitating Effective Laboratory Testing by Lab Users”.

With nearly 100 participants on the line, the ERIGrid consortium successfully disseminated the outcomes of the project and obtained concluding feedback from stakeholders. The partners also announced the continuation of research and the upcoming Transnational and Virtual Access opportunities in the successor project ERIGrid 2.0.

All of the presentations and the recording from the Virtual Final Conference can be found here, in ERIGrid’s Zenodo community, covering among others  the following topics:

  • ERIGrid Overview
  • System-level Testing Approach
  • Laboratory Coupling Approach
  • Laboratory and Hardware-in-the-Loop based Assessment Methods
  • Simulation-based Assessment Methods
  • Education and Training Methods and Tools
  • Demo Cyber Resilience Tool
  • Outlook ERIGrid 2.0

Outcomes of ERIGrid Final Conference