TA Success Story: CYPRESS

Integration of Solar PV Parks in the Power Network of Cyprus

Topic: CYPrus grid optimal integration and control of RES ParkS

Hosting facility: SmartEST Lab of AIT

Duration: 17.11.2019 – 09.12.2019


The electrical power network of Cyprus is slowly migrating from a centralised generation system to a decentralised/distributed generation one, with high shares of renewable energy sources (RES), with wind and especially solar energy playing a central role.

Unlike the majority of power systems in central Europe, which are interconnected together, in Cyprus the electrical power network is autonomous and islanded, not yet interconnected to a larger and bulk power system, establishing stability and robustness. This as a consequence, poses challenges in terms of stability, robustness, resilience, reliability and security of supply when high penetration of variable in nature, distributed energy resources (based on static power electronics converter) will be a reality.

TA user group CYPRESS studied the impact and the interactions that a PV system has with a real part of the Cyprus grid under different operational challenges and under different control logics that offer system support capabilities. Their real-time simulation tests were performed through the HIL framework hosted at the SmartEST Lab of Austrian Institute of Technology (AIT).


As a result of their experimental research, the CYPRESS team came up with a number of scientific results for the grid operator of Cyprus underpinning the results from pure simulation studies for the integration of a PV inverter in a real part of the distribution system. Namely the team performed studies regarding:

• Anti-Islanding Testing
• Low Voltage Ride Through (LVRT) Capability of the inverter
• Rate of Change of Frequency (RoCof) studies throughout the feeder
• Cloud passing studies

The above studies can be employed by the operator for scaling up and extracting safe results for the stable operation of the system.

The real-time simulation tests that were performed through the HIL framework at AIT, are of high importance for the TSO and DSO operators of Cyprus, and we wouldn’t have been able to conduct them without ERIGrid framework and the AIT lab. These tests reflect a range of different scenarios and realistic test cases of integration of a solar photovoltaic park in the power network of Cyprus. The scale-up of these tests and their processing will offer a good insight of the networks for the operator and our research team. They also reveal important results associated with power system stability, optimal power flow exchange (active/reactive) between solar park and grid, power flow control and fault right through capabilities. These achieved results are presented in the report.
Dr. George E. Georghiou
Leader of the TA user group CYPRESS
CYPRESS TA Success Story