TA Success Story: ICVP

Efficiency Testing of PV Battery Hybrid System

Topic: International Consistency of Validation Platform for PV – Battery Hybrid System efficiency testing

Hosting facility: SmartEST Lab of AIT

Duration: 02.02.2020 – 15.02.2020


The ICVP TA project dealt with efficiency tests of PV battery hybrid system. The project applied for the ERIGrid TA in order to carry out round-robin testing of the efficiency measurement between AIT and AIST in Japan. The difference of the measurement results has been analysed considering uncertainty of measurements.


The TA team could measure data needed for round-robin testing and collect information needed for uncertainty computation. Also, the correct setting and testing procedure were recognised, which is useful for next tests of the user group in AIST.

After the TA program, the tested system was transported to AIST, and the efficiency testing is carried out to finish round-robin testing. Furthermore, uncertainty is also compared between AIT and AIST to clarify what elements affect the difference of results. This provides the basis for the comparison of different PV battery hybrid systems. 

ERIGrid TA has been very helpful for the our project. It would not have been possible to carry out round-robin testing in such a specific environment without the support of the ERIGrid TA programme.
Dai Orihara
Leader of the TA user group ICVP
ICVP TA Success Story