TA Success Story: TEAM-VAR2
Networked Feedback Control of DER for Real-Time Voltage Regulation

Topic: Networked Feedback Control of Distributed Energy Resources (DER) for Real-Time Voltage Regulation

Hosting facility: SYSLAB of the Technical University of Denmark (DTU)


06.05.2019 – 17.05.2019, 13.06.2019 – 24.06.2019

The increase of generation in the distribution grid and the upcoming increase of consumption through electric vehicles will lead to over– and under-voltage problems in the distribution grids. These can be solved by grid reinforcement with larger cables or through intelligent control. TA project TEAM-VAR2 experimentally analysed whether networked control approaches, that use the reactive power capabilities of inverters in distribution grids, are practically able to solve these over- and under-voltage problems. Specifically, the user group investigated two networked controllers: a centralised one and a distributed one using only peer-to-peer communication.


TEAM-VAR2 identified a benchmark grid on which they experienced over- and under-voltages. On this grid they showed that local controllers cannot solve the voltage problems and are sometimes even decremental, because they can make the voltage problems worse.

Both networked controllers, the centralised and the distributed, effectively solve the voltage problems by utilising the reactive power capabilities of the inverters. Furthermore, the implemented controllers are nearly model-free, robust and easy to tune.  This shows that one can perform reinforcement virtually through large scale plug-and-play implementation of networked controllers what will make wide renewable energy integration possible.

Working at DTU Roskilde and with the people there was fantastic. The lab is straightforward to use and provides researchers with all kinds of opportunities. Even more importantly, the people are very welcoming and helpful. Overall, it was a great time and without the ERIGrid Transnational Access programme we would not have been able to perform this research.
Saverio Bolognani
Leader of the TA user group TEAM-VAR2
TEAM-VAR2 TA Success Story