TA Success Story: HOLISTICA
Enhancing the Renewable Energy Hosting Capacity of Distribution Networks by Coordinated Control

Topic: Holistic Optimization of Losses using an Improved Synergy of Technologies under an Innovative Coordination Algorithm

Hosting facility: SYSLAB of the Technical University of Denmark (DTU)

Duration: 09.09.2019 – 20.09.2019

Outcomes:  factsheet, technical report


Voltage rise is the most critical constraint for the integration of distributed generation (DG) in rural electric distribution networks. DSOs are responsible for maintaining voltage limits, however they do not have direct access to DG. Coordinated voltage control concepts can delay expensive and long-term grid reinforcement while increasing the DG hosting capacity of electric distribution networks. In order to develop concrete solutions to this problem, the team of the TA project HOLISTICA applied for the ERIGrid Transnational Access and conducted their research at DTU’s SYSLAB facility.


The HOLISTICA project has been the first to physically test an innovative proposal  of coordinated transformer tap and reactive control algorithms for the holistic technical management of the LV cell, proposing the MV/LV transformer substation as a control and communication hub for the distribution grid. The flexibility of SYSLAB facilitated testing different grid configurations, ensuring a better knowledge, in both rural and urban scenarios, about the performance of four different control strategies: no control (NC), tap control (T-control), reactive power control (Q-control), and combined tap and reactive power control (QT-control).

Testing our control algorithms and OLTC transformers, within the resource flexibility of SYSLAB at the Technical University of Denmark (DTU), has been an important milestone for our future product, increasing significantly its technology readiness level (TRL7). These improvements not only reduced the time to market of the product, but also provided an insightful information about unexpected secondary benefits for DSOs.
Adolfo Gastalver-Rubio
Leader of the TA user group HOLISTICA
HOLISTICA TA Success Story