TA Success Story: TCMG
Transient Control in Microgrids

Topic: Transient control of micro grids with large amounts of distributed generation

Hosting facility: National Smart Grid Laboratory (NSGL) of SINTEF ENERGY Research

Duration: 21.09.2017-23.10.2017

Outcomes: factsheet, technical report, publication

Existing methods for transient control of weak low and medium voltage networks with large amounts of distributed generation often become very complex if detailed models are used. The team of the TA user project TCMG developed a new optimisation method for transient control of networks with a large amount of photovoltaics (PV). The method makes it possible to control all inverters for the PV-system simultaneously. Only the frequency response for the system is used as input, and hence the design does not increase rapidly in complexity even if very detailed models are used.


To validate the numeric simulation of the control method, a three-phase power-hardware-in-the-loop (PHIL) experiment was designed as a low-voltage distribution network with several PV units. The experiments showed that the results from the simulations were realistic. In addition it was discovered that the method can also be applied to damping of harmonic currents. As a direct outcome from the work in the Smart Grid Laboratory, a paper has been published in the IEEE Transactions on Power Electronics.

TCMG TA Success Story