At the 7th International Conference on Integration of Renewable and Distributed Energy Resources (IRED) in Niagara Falls (CA) on 24-28 October, 2016, Ron Brandl of Fraunhofer IWES won the best poster award for the poster “Power Hardware-in-the-Loop Studies for Transmission Network Stability Behaviors”.


The poster presents the prospects of Power-Hardware-in-the Loop (PHIL) systems and, in particular, two possibilities in testing and studying network stability behaviours:

  • Global network stability studies including Hardware-under-Test (HUT)
  • HUT testing for more realistic network events

This work is supported by the ERIGrid project and the DEA-Stabil project.
You can find detailed information in the poster and in the corresponding manuscript in ERIGrid Dissemination.

ERIGrid supports best poster at IRED 2016